Everlast Water Fountains


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There are two kinds of Everlast cattle fountains, the powered and the non-powered drinkers.
The powered Everlast drinkers have a heating element to prevent ice in the winter. These drinkers require less electricity and therefore cost less to operate than the competition brand cattle drinkers. This is because the Everlast fountains have a thermostat set several degrees below the temperature that the competition drinker thermostats are set at. Also, the thermostat is not exposed to the wind. This means the heating elements power on only as needed. $9/month (Everlast) vs $23/month (other brands).
The non-powered drinkers do not have a heating element, instead having a continuous overflow to prevent freezing during the winter. The non-powered Everlast fountains use less water than the competition drinkers.

Everlast fountains are made out of heavy duty stainless steel. Stainless steel is better than the plastic used in some other cattle fountains, as plastic is porous and can harbor bacteria which is potentially dangerous to cattle.

The patented Clean Sweep is technology that keeps the water in the Everlast cattle clean. As fresh water flows into the chamber, the water is agitated in such a way that particles are kept in suspension, thus being drunk up by the cattle along with the water, and keeping the water fresh and clean at all times.

There are two different chamber setups used with Everlast cattle fountains - the single chamber fountains and the two-chamber fountains. The double chamber design allows one side to be closed for the winter, and opened in the summer, thus allowing the same drinker to be used year-round.
Purchase Single-Chamber Cattle Fountain:
Everlast Fountain 1036P
Everlast Fountain 1053P
Everlast Fountain 1108NP
Purchase Two-Chamber Cattle Fountain:
Everlast Fountain 2086NP
Everlast Fountain 2086P
Everlast Fountain 2108P
Purchase Everlast Fountain Parts All the parts on each fountain - lid, Clean Sweep components, float, door cover, etc. are interchangeable between the different Everlast fountains.


The heating elements used on Everlast fountains are stainless steel, versus copper or brass used by the competition. The stainless steel doesn't corrode, thus extending the elements' life.